Michael John Pollock, owner of M & J AUTO PLEX has loved cars all HIS life — driving them, working on them and learning how to fix them. He started out sanding cars and taking apart motors etc at 13 years old. and he Painted his first car at 15 years old. After spending 9 years working at other people's shops HE decided to open HIS own: Michael John Pollock wanted to create an environment where only the best, most well trained technicians are employed and customer service is king.

Wanting to finally shoot down the old stereotype that car repair shops are dishonest, Michael John Pollock Started to Repair cars in His dads Garage in 1979 and when the city told him he had to quit and find a location on Main St He created M & J AUTO PLEX in 1981 and due to diligence, respect and top-notch know-how, it quickly blossomed into a full service shop offering Northern Utah and Surrounding Areas residents the very best in automotive repair and maintenance.

Certifications include 
A1 Engine Repair A2 Automatic Transmission/Transaxle A3 Manual Drive Train and Axles A4 Suspension and Steering A5 Brakes A6 Electrical/Electronic Systems A7 Heating and Air Conditioning A8 Engine Performance A9 Light Vehicle Diesel Engines L1 Auto Advanced Engine Performance Specialist L2 Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis Specialist
B2 Painting and Refinishing B3 Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair B4 Structural Analysis and Damage Repair B5 Mechanical and Electrical Components B6 Damage Analysis and Estimating
M & J AUTO PLEX's staff of 3 consist of trained expert technicians, able to competently work on older cars as well as new models. With vehicles becoming increasingly technological, you need to be able to trust that your repair shop doesn't just employ nuts-and-bolts know-how, but also electrical and programming.  M & J AUTO PLEX specializes in a variety of makes and models of cars including the following: All American Makes and Models, All European Like BMW and AUDI, VW. All Asian Models Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Kia, Hyundai etc.

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